Turbo Mason Rose PE DK bodyboard

Turbo Mason Rose PE DK bodyboard

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The Mason Rose signature model bodyboard is the same board Mason rides. This is the ultimate DK template, perfected through Masons countless years testing and refining various DK shapes. This is the perfect dropknee board.

Mason has worked tirelessly with Turbo head shaper, Glenn Taylor to create a bodyboard that truly performs in all conditions.

FEATURES: PE/mesh core, double stringer system and surlyn slick.

ADVANTAGE: A softer feel on the knee than PP, manoeuvrable.

BENEFIT: Responsive, easier to take late drops

1.4lb PE Core
Surlyn Slick
2 x Stringer
Nose & Tail Bumpers

Black Deck/ Orange Bottom
Red Deck/ White Bottom

SIZES: 41.5 & 42.5