Bodyboarding Fins

Bodyboard Fin Types


The purpose of fins is to help you to get propulsion in order to get into the wave early. They also help you to paddle out through the surf quicker too. Shorter bladed fins give you smaller, quicker and deeper burst kick and are also good for quick release for spins etc. Longer bladed fins offer a bit more control and a re good for long paddle outs. the best thing to look for is something in the middle length wise.

At Bodyboard HQ we favour fins that are soft in the fin pocket, stiffer on the blade and have a springy feel to them. This springiness helps to generate more power, maximising your kick to give an earlier entry into the wave. Riders also use the fin like a keel at times to help maintain grip on the face through turns and in steeper sections of the wave.


Comfort is everything in a fin. A good fin is like a good pair of walking boots, buy right and you'll be comfortable and get all the performance you need. When buying a fin the thing to keep high on your agenda is the fit. You are looking to get a snug fit, not too tight. If your foot is bent up inside the fin you will end up getting cramp. Equally, if your toes are pressed against the end of the fin pocket it can get uncomfortable. Too loose a fin will flap around and cause fin rub and give you less power.

Remember that fins will loosen with use to some degree and the socks always stretch a bit too. Whatever the fit feels like dry will be different in the water.

Fins come in generic small, medium, medium large, large and extra large sizes, However, each company sizing varies so it is important you get some good advice before you purchase, another reason why we encourage people to call us. If you have a wide foot or high instep you may need to go for a different style of fin, again talking to someone with experience will help you to make a much better purchase.


Finally, it is a good idea to wear fin saver or tethers, these tie on to the heel strap of the fin and attach around your ankle to stop your fins getting swept off in the waves. You won't believe how many shops will try and sell you fins without savers. If this is the case you have to seriously doubt they know what they are selling and if you are getting good advice.

There are two main designs of fin savers, the velcro type as shown in the photo or the string/toggle type called fin strings. Fin strings are more low profile for a bit less drag wheras the velcro style offera more secure fixing, espacially good in bigger more powerfull surf.

Fins come in two main shapes, the asymetric designs like Churchill, Stealth, Limited Edition, and the symetrical designs like Manta blades, pods & vipers. After years of selling fins we have found that it really comes down to a matter of personal preference so try not to get too hung up on the pros and cons of each design. You will notice a lot of riders using the same fins in the water, generally there is a good reason why so many riders favour certain fins, its due to the fact they do they job and are comfortable too.