Turbo King Paradox bodyboard
Turbo King Paradox bodyboard
Turbo King Paradox bodyboard

Turbo King Paradox bodyboard

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This signature model of 2 x World Bodyboard Champion Damian King is the same shape as the boards that Damian rides himself.
It has a versatile shape that works for both prone and dropknee. The board’s wide point is just below the elbows making it great for riding in the pocket.

Featuring the highly acclaimed Trilogy Stringer System (TSS) that Damian and Turbo head shaper Glenn Taylor developed together. TSS has been designed to allow perfect flex through the nose of the board whilst maintaining strength and stiffness through to the tail of the board. This unique tri-stringer combination creates unparalleled speed, strength and overall board performance. TSS will take your riding to another level.

FEATURES: Paradox PP core, crescent tail, Trilogy Stringer System, channels, nose bulbs, palm bulbs and concave surlyn slick.

ADVANTAGE: A super fast board that works well in the pocket and fast down the line.

BENEFIT: Can get deeper in the barrel and higher in the air.

Black deck/ Black rails/ Green Bottom

SIZES: 40.5 Only