Softech Rocket Attack 4' 8" soft surfboard

Softech Rocket Attack 4' 8" soft surfboard

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These boards are short with lots of flotation. The twin fin thruster set up pushed back a bit provides lots of control through turns.

The extra flotation at the front makes this board easier to paddle. The tapered template gives added manoeuvrability.

Ideal for the experienced surfer through to kids starting out, the Rocket Attack will give you hours of fun.
Screw in your favourite FCS fins for additional drive and response.

Size: 4'8"
Shape: Shortboard
Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
Stringer: 4'6" 5x stringer
Fin Setup: Twin (x 2 FCS Fin Setup)
Fin System: FCS
Volume: 33L
Leash Plug installed

Blue deck with patterned bottom

SIZES: 4'8"