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Science Tanner McDaniel Flare PP bodyboard

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At last we have got our hands on the new Tanner McDaniel pro boards from Mike Stewart Science. This killer shape is great for the progressive rider who wants pure performance. The PP core minus the mesh gives more flex than your average PP boards so it will have more flex in the cooler waters.

Gradient color slicks or what we are referring to as Dual Density Slicks found on the Tanner Flare model.  These are 50% low density, 50% high density giving them an elastic feel similar to Surlyn. This technology allows us to graphically design without printing onto the slick risking the design to rub off leaving a gross looking product after a few sessions.
(1.9pp, 1 CXT Stringer, Mesh, Tri Crescent Tail, Quad Vent channels, Nose Bulbs, Flex Rating F6/5)  

1.9pcf PP Core
Single react stringer
8lb PE Deck
Nose / Tail bumpers
Nose bulbs
HD Slick
F5 Flex rating

SIZES: 42 Inch Only
L = 42 Inch, N = 11 1/2, W = 21, T = 18, N to WP = 20

Black deck / Purple gradient slick