Science Damian Prisk PE Bodyboard

Science Damian Prisk PE Bodyboard

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The Science Damian Prisk model bodyboard was one of the best selling boards of 2011 and this years version looks to only build on the success of the last.

Portreath local Damian is a smooth rider, possibly the best on the UK bodyboarding scene with a total of 6 British titles under his belt. He is also a fussy git when it comes to his boards too. No stone is unturned when designing this great template and even the colour of the board is chosen based on the softness of that particular deck colour! His attention to detail is second to none.

The DP model features a bat tail which gives increased lift and less drag through the rear of the board making it nice and quick with that right amount of looseness to release for tight spins. The overall template has just the right amount of width for control and flotation but without sacrificing speed. Damian’s unique deck contours are very functional allowing for plenty of movement across the back of the board and plenty of grip through the front. We could bat on for hours about all the other tech but from the feedback we have had and the amount of time surfing with Damian we know it works.
If you are looking for a great well thought out board design from a UK rider then this is the one for you. It definitely gets our thumbs up.

Silver Deck/ Green Bottom

SIZES: 41.5 only