Science 7 Bodyboard 2013
Science 7 Bodyboard 2013

Science 7 Bodyboard 2013

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The Mike stewart Science seven 7 is one of the most popular mid priced boards on the market. Perfect for the colder waters around the UK and northern europe. With its slightly wider template and its perfect flex and recoil you could do a lot worse than buying a 7. With all the materials you would expect to get in a top end board the 7 is a great bit of kit.

Here is what Science have to say about their board:
The 7 bat features a crescent tail and flat deck. We added nose bulbs to give it extra control. The PE core works extremely well in cooler water conditions. Many of the science team riders choose this shape for technical riding as it has a very natural feeling flex pattern and its abilty to work in smaller waves.
The template allows it to work very well in weaker, flatter waves, but it still carves hard and fast on the wave face. While the PE make sit feel significantly different than our PP core boards, it has a special feeling of control and purpose. The 7 is a team favourite. Each size board has a custom template to retain all the performances criteria regardless of the size.