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NMD Base Pro Quad Concave NRG+ ISS Bodyboard Grey

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Following the massive success of the NMD Base Pro NRG ISS model we are proud to introduce to you the all new NMD Base Pro NRG Plus quad concave with ISS, the interchangeable stringer system. The combination of both NRG+ & ISS gives maximum versatility for anyone using this board in the UK, Europe & beyond. This is a seriously quick board designed for all kind of surf.

This killer template is one of the best you can buy for all round surf up to 10 feet. The lightweight core combined with Mesh, stringer and an extra layer of slightly higher density foam under the deck give excellent flex and recoil, perfect for snapping off those tight spins in the pocket or boosting off an oncoming section.

The deck contours have been well though out to give a bit more flex where you need it. This is a seriously quick board with all the performance you need for the UK or European travel. 

We love it, hope you do too.

1.4lb NRG Plus Core
ISS Stringer System
Quad concave bottom
8lb Deck
Graduated channels
React Mesh under slick
Nose & Tail bumpers
Nose bulbs
Deck Contours

41.5 & 42 Inch only

Gun Grey deck / Black rails / Metallic grey slick