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NMD Base HD Navy Blue Red

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This years NMD Base HD is the best bodyboard available under £130 and similar specs to those at £140, the perfect intermediate bodyboard for someone who is looking for something a little more branded and has the features to the top end boards on the market.

Much more spec than its baby brother, the NMD Element. Loads more than the NMD Njoy

CORE: 2.4 pcf extruded PE
DECK: 8lb Closed cell PE
STRINGERS x 2 (boards 41 and below have a single stringer)
TAIL: Crescent
RAILS: 55/45
Base deck contours, Nose & tail bumpers, graduated channels, nose bulbs, single carbon fiber stringer.

Included are some great features that make it stand out from other boards at its price. The template is an all round classic and is very similar to that of the pro bodyboards like the NMD Winchester but lacks the Surlyn bottom. The board performs excellent in all surf with good speed and control. If you are looking to spend under £140 on a bodyboard and want one of the top names in the business the NMD Base HD is the board for you. Definitely a tough board to beat for the price

Navy Blue Deck / Red inner Rail / Black outer Rail / Red Bottom

SIZES: 42, 43 & 44 Inch Only
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