NMD Base 7 NRG Bodyboard Yellow Black

NMD Base 7 NRG Bodyboard Yellow Black

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Here we have the all new NMD Base 7 NRG core bodyboard. Basically, the idea behind the 7 version is extra width, just like the boards from yesterday that tended to be a little thicker and wider. The template is base on the Morey Mike Stewart 7-7, a great board that was perfect for all conditions up to 8 feet. This new version is better constructed with features that will keep the board in better condition and for longer.

So if you are looking for performance in smaller surf or a heavier rider looking for more flotation, the Base 7 is the board for you.

NRG Core
8Lb PE Deck
Dupont Surlyn Slick
Single Stringer and mesh
Nose / Tail bumpers
Nose bulbs
Deck grooves

Yellow Deck / Black slick
Also comes in Midnight Blue Deck / Red Slick or Black Deck / Orange slick

SIZES: 41, 41.5, 42 & 43 inch