Gyroll Variable Bicep Leash
Gyroll Variable Bicep Leash

Gyroll Variable Bicep Leash

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The Mike Stewart Gyroll Variables bicep leash.

The great thing about this new product is the fact it can fit both the small arm and larger riders too by having a two stage buckle system that allows you to change the length of the strap.

It is a well thought out bit of kit and super lightweight too. You hardly even know you have got it on.

Here is what Mike Stewart has to say about it:

The revolutionary “Variables” adjustable arm strap. The perfect fitting leash regardless if your destination is the tropics in or in a 5mm wetsuit the Variables strap will adapt to fit equally well. The leash feature the original Gyroll.

  • New two stage buckle design
  • Marine grade double swivels and rotator loop
  • Inner Gyroll rubber grip for minimal slip
  • One piece moulded eurathane

The unique compact spiral design keeps the Gyroll totally out of the way while riding and paddling. Constructed from the finest parts and materials I could find, Gyroll’s cord is made of a solid one-piece material with no plastic joints or seams to break. No other leash on the market offers the same level of comfort quality, design, construction, durability & functionality.

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