Core Two 2 Bodyboard

Core Two 2 Bodyboard

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The Core Two is for the rider that wants a little bit more from their session. The Core Two offers a template designed for speed and manoeuvrability. A crescent tail for good hold in the pocket, 60/40 rails that maintain speed but release for moves, finger bulbs for a tight grip on those heavy landings and awesome recoil from the Surlyn skin, tri-stringer and paradox cell. “We focussed on a board that offers great projection through turns, awesome recoil properties that is light and ready to boost when you get that section, the Core Two also performs in the tube and has a great all round template.

Core bodyboards, the newest european bodyboard brand: For those riders who need that added half inch in board length to make the difference. This board series offers all the clean lines and designs of the Core 1 series, but with the essential half inch variation in length. And, just like the Core 1 series, our Core 2 boards will enhance your riding while also maintaining its daily durability and performance due to its unique trident stringer systems with its reduced density paradox memory core

Deck NXL
Rails NXL
Tail Folded Crescent
Slick Surlyn
Triple Stringers (2 Flat, 1 Round)
Finger Bulbs
Tail Bumper

SIZES: 41.5”

Green Deck, Black Rails, Blue Slick