Core One 1 Bodyboard

Core One 1 Bodyboard

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Core bodyboards, the freshest new board brand to come out of europe: For those riders desiring a board with a clean template, straightforward and precise dimensions, and that can perform in all wave conditions. This board’s trident stringer system allows you to make the heaviest barrels and to reach new heights when hitting sections, all the while maintaining it’s core and performance through our state-of-the-art paradox memory core
Fast becoming the most popular Core Board on the market, it’s not surprising when you look at the high spec of this beast and the incredibly competitive price.

Designed for the rider that wants to take their performance to the next level in all conditions this board will maximise your wave count and stand the test of time. Core really focussed on the build quality on the Core One and chose the best materials in the market today. The triple stringer, paradox cell, Surlyn skin combination offers unrivalled recoil. “The projection through sections from the Core One is awesome, we believe we’ve nailed it as the best board in it’s class, try it, you won’t be disappointed’

Paradox Core
NXL Deck
NXL Rail
Patched Crescent Tail
Surlyn Slick
Triple Stringers (2 Flat, 1 Round)
Finger Bulbs
Tail Bumper

SIZES: 40” and 41”

Yellow deck, Black Rails, Blue Slick