Team Rider: Megan Penny

5 years with fins.

Being from Cornwall I spent most summers in the sea and riding white water. My most vivid memory was when I was about 6/7 and my mum took me down the local beach, the waves started to dump and I got slammed face first onto the shore, I was winded and had sand in my gums but I ran back in for another go… not much has changed really!

I’ve been to the south of France a few times, with warm seas and fresh croissants so close to home make it hard not to stay away. Sri Lanka was great and where I really started to be able to barrel ride, an amazing sand bar formed just outside where we were staying that created some fast, hollow waves that just kept on going… you had to make the section or else you got swept in to a warm fish gut soup from the fishing boats. I’ve also been to Morocco, but the best trip by far was Portugal with the girls, ladies British champion Olivia Smedley and good friend Kirsty Mann - I’m hoping to go back again this year.

I am currently riding a Science Damian Prisk Board; it’s the first board I’ve had that’s been nice and flexible even through the winter in Kernow. It has helped me progress to do new tricks and ride more challenging waves. It is hard to part with the old faithful!

Contest results, if any?

  • 2nd 2011 North Cornwall Challenge
  • 3rd 2013 Women’s British Tour
  • 2nd 2013 The Wedge Air Show

2014 British Ladies champion

I just want to keep pushing to get as good as I can be. My ambition is to overcome fear to go big and get in the air more. I’d also like to get more girls into bodyboarding, we are a rare breed at the moment in the UK. All the younger riders are really impressive and seem to be hot on the heels of the more experienced riders and that’s great to see, but it would be great to have some girls in the mix too to push us and keep it fresh.

I bodyboard because it’s fun and it keeps me sane and healthy (aside from the injuries!). Being in the sea is awesome, especially those days when the waves are so good that you’re surfing till dark or until your arms seize up… feeling surfed out is the best.

Its great to be part of a team at Bodyboard HQ and since joining I’ve been getting some tips on how to improve my riding from Danny Catten. I am looking forward to experimenting more with boards and kit to help me progress further.