Team Rider: Alex Winkworth

Alex Winkworth, Mr consistant. This boy rips in all kinds of surf and at all disciplines of the sport, both prone and drop knee. It is Alex's super keen attitude and consistancy that makes him one of our most valued members of the team.

How long have you been bodyboarding? 17 years

How did you get into the sport? I tried every other sport on land but didn't like hitting concrete! I was introduced to the sea when I was about 10 and never looked back.

Which countries have you travelled to bodyboard?Australia, Indonesia, France, Spain, Portugal, The Azores and The Canary Islands. I have also represented the UK on an international level.

What board are you currently riding and why? What do you like about it?I'm currently riding a NMD Jason Finlay 41" NRG core. Just about everything about it is dreamy, the main thing I've noticed is the drive and speed it has when approaching the lip. best board I've ever ridden!

Your contest results if any? Recently I won both the DK and the Open in the wedge contest at Tolcarne, Newquay

What are your ambitions within bodyboarding, where do you see your riding going in the future? I just hope to keep improving and enjoying the sport. I will definately continue going on adventures and finding waves. Hopefully we can get our contest scene in the UK back on track soon. Even though the weather can be a bit grim and the waves aren't always the best, its always a good laugh to get everyone together for an event.

What does bodyboarding mean to you? Bodyboarding means a whole lot of things to me, its obviously a good way to keep fit but also I find if I have any problems in my life or I've had a bad day when I get in the water its all gone and I think of nothing else but getting wave after wave and just switch off from what's going on on land so I guess it keeps me level. So it means everything to me!

Why do you ride for Bodyboard HQ, what does it mean to you? BBHQ is in the centre of my local area and the forfront of the UK bodyboarding scene. They are always pushing the next generation to get in, have a go and improve. The growth in the bodyboarding scene in Portreath, Porthtowan and surrounding areas since HQ has been there is impressive and really good for the sport. It is grea to see the sport supported in this way. Long may it continue.