Dave Heard - Owner - Bodyboarder

Bodyboarding and surfing are my passion, plain and simple. Since my first go back in 1982 I realised that I wanted to get into it, however, back then, there were far less people in the water. It was much harder to get good gear and there was nowhere near the choice we have these days.

Life and circumstances changed and I moved away from the sea. It was in 1987 that I was re-introduced to the sport, funnily enough back at the same beach where I had initially had so much fun on my first board. I was hooked; my life has been dedicated to surfing and bodyboarding ever since. Now, here I am with a surf shop in a fantastic place, right by the beach, selling great kit to others who share the passion. For me it is a dream come true and I consider myself to be extremely privileged.

I have now been riding for over 30 years seriously. I have been selling surfboards, bodyboards and wetsuits for over 20 years. Nowadays I just bodyboard. My riding style is 50/50 Drop knee (semi standing) and prone (lying down). I love DK though; it is always a challenge. As for prone, give me a hollow left hand barrel and I'm in my element. Every winter I get away to surf new spots around the globe; usually in the tropics. As well as surfing some excellent waves it also gives me a great chance to experiment with different equipment too.

I love my job and the fact I can be so directly involved with my passion. It is this passion for surfing and bodyboarding that keeps me wanting to run this shop & remain committed to the sport. I will always make sure that people get good service and great advice and that perhaps they in turn will start to love the sport as I do.

See you in the surf.