Science Style bodyboard 2019
Science Style loaded bodyboard
Science Style loaded bodyboard

Science Style loaded bodyboard

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Science Style Loaded (NRG core)
If you are surfing cool to warmer climates or looking for a slightly stiffer board the Style loaded could be a great choice.
The Style features a classic curved template great for small to medium surf. Ideal for combination moves, spins and roll combos.
Perfect for the summer and trips further south in Europe

Features include:

1.3 PCF NRG (Loaded) core
Open cell deck
Surlyn slick
Double rails
Nose & tail bumpers
Nose bulbs
Single stringer
Double mesh
Crescent tail
Reverse flute channels

SIZES: 40, 41, 41.5, 42, 42.5 & 43

Black deck / orange slick - 41.5 Inch
Black deck / Grey Slick (Green nose / tail) - 42 Only
Blue deck / White slick (Turbo colours) 41 Only
Yellow Deck / Orange Slick - 40 Inch Only
Emerald Green / Black 41 & 42.5


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