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Took a trip up to Newquay yesterday to see some of the Tolcarne wedge bodyboarding contest. Two words, boogie city! packed with some of the best bodyboarders in the UK both competing and free surfing. The standard was great and it is so refreshing to see how the level of British bodyboarding continues to rise.

Here are a few shots of yesterdays action with more of todays to follow.

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Well, that time of the year has come as we pass into 2012.

I would personally like to thank every single customer who has again trusted in our knowledge and integrity to get you on the very best bodyboarding equipment going. As i have said before, without you guys, we are nothing.

It has been a tough year for Bodyboard HQ with a lot of competition springing up which has put us under a lot of pressure. However, with your support we have kept our heads high above the water. Thanks to you, we can continue the good work. I never set Bodyboard HQ up to monopolise the industry, i worked hard at it as i believed in it and the sport needed a place where it could get the best kit and advice. Sucess came through endless hours of hard work but i still love getting people sorted. What a great job.
Competition can be good if used as a springboard to newer and better things. I have learnt so much this year and thanks to Chris and Graig at the shop I have been able to get more involved in other aspects of the sport. (guys, you have been a godsend)

This year we increased the size of our team and continue to try and give more underground riders some recognition for their talent. We sponsored the biggest event of the year, the British national’s bodyboarding competition. We brought in new kit and magazines direct from Australia to offer something different. This is only the start of what we have planned for the future…..

A few people have asked us “why have you not gone to a shopping cart website?” The answer is pretty simple. Bodyboard HQ could easily get someone to build a add to cart website but I personally believe that having real contact with every single customer is the best way to make sure that they are getting the best service. They know exactly what size is right for them, when it will show up and even have a bit of a chat about bodyboarding all at the same time. Sure, we may loose a few customers who like the convenience of shopping out of hours but we gain great customer relations and many good friends on the way. We make a commitment to be “Open for business” and to be there to answer your call.

So what will 2012 bring? Keep an eye on our facebook pages for the newest kit and a few surprises too. We are working on some new projects that should be great for the sport of bodyboarding in the UK. One thing for sure is we will be here to give you the very best, unbiased advice and service you will find.

In-between times we’ll be putting in some quality surf time and gorging ourselves on the IBA live tour footage, haha. How good was that in 2011?

It makes me proud to be a bodyboarder and part of the worldwide bodyboarding family.

Have an excellent new years and I hope you all have a fruitful and positive 2012.
Thanks again
Dave Heard (Owner, BODYBOARD HQ)

Bodyboarding tube ride

Bodyboarding tube ride, the best view in the world!