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Bodyboard HQ team rider Alex Winkworth cleaned up at the wedge contest in Newquay today, taking out both the drop knee and open title. Conditions were close to out of control and with hot favourite Jack Johns to compete with Alex had a tough battle on his hands. With combinations of moves all the way to the beach Alex narrowly beat the favourite to take the title.

Alex is one of the most rounded bodyboarders in the UK and todays result showed that talent. We are stoked to have him on our team. Well done mate. Congratulations to all the other competitors including Olivia Smedley for taking the ladies title and Bodyboard HQ team rider Megan Penny for her 2nd place result.

Please excuse the poor quality of the shots, rain, poor light and mould in the lens made shooting pretty tricky…

Thanks to The British Bodyboard Club and the Bodyboard Depot for organising this event, also Maniac Bodyboarding for the support. Well done lads…

Alex Winkworth Invert at Tolcarne wedge, Newquay

Damian Prisk Invert at Tolcarne wedge, Newquay

Jack Johns Invert at Tolcarne wedge, Newquay

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Took a trip up to Newquay yesterday to see some of the Tolcarne wedge bodyboarding contest. Two words, boogie city! packed with some of the best bodyboarders in the UK both competing and free surfing. The standard was great and it is so refreshing to see how the level of British bodyboarding continues to rise.

Here are a few shots of yesterdays action with more of todays to follow.

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Portreath beach best bodyboarding surfing beaches spots waves Cornwall UK

Located in west Cornwall, just north of Redruth, Portreath village is a little bay nestled in the high cliffs between Gwithian, Godrevy, Porthtowan and St Agnes. Portreath is steeped in mining history with many of the old features of this once highly lucrative business still on display. It also offers the start to some of the best walking on the north coast of Cornwall and the start of a great cycle ride to Devoron on the south coast along the old mineral tramway. Information in the village also picks out many other walking and riding trails.

Portreath beach is possibly one of the best bodyboarding and surfing spots in the UK. Spawning some of the country’s top bodyboarders. The beach offers both left and right-hand breaking waves, mostly around 3/4 tide. When the banks are good a wave called the vee starts to work. The Vee is a wedging right hand refraction off the harbour wall on a high tide. It is here that you will see the best bodyboarding in the UK. Local guys such as 7 times UK champion Damian Prisk, 5 times UK Champion Danny Catton and a host of others like, Eldred Hawke, Tim Brown, Brooke Mason and others showing you how it is done. The Vee is very tidal dependent and the sand banks need to be just right but when it is on, you will see all the top performance bodyboarding moves happening metres away from the sand. The beach faces north/north west so it loves any wind with a bit of south in it to make it offshore. Tides wise Portreath prefers mid to high.

The main wave here is the reef at the end of the harbour wall which on its day is a site to behold, a very powerful and heavy jacking righthander which comes out of deep water to produce some amazing tubes that are amazing for bodyboarding. Not for the faint hearted but great to watch.

Generally, Portreath beach is a safe beach for bodyboarding with the best lifeguard facilities in the UK. The whole beach front is like a natural amphitheater and a great spot to watch all the action, keep your eye on the kids or watch the amazing sunsets we get over Gull Rock

Portreath also has one of the best surf shops in the area. HQ surf shop and Bodyboard HQ cater for everyone from beginner to expert with surf hire, tuition and a great selection of surfing and bodyboarding products; at great prices too. www.bodyboardhq.co.uk

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To see the surf at Portreath use this web cam.

http:// www.gwelanmor.com/surf-cam.html

The hollow beachbreaks of SW France
Oh, those where the days! weeks camping in the pine forests, the hot sand, the lovely ladies, french stick salsa salad sandwiches, stubby beer sundowners, surfing until your burnt to a crisp, getting barrelled of your nut or smashed at high tide.

Basque region, France or Spain anyone?

Love it……

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