Science Style PE Bodyboard 2014

Science Style pe core uk

Science Style PE Bodyboard 2014

If you are looking for a great board for colder climates then the Mike Stewart science style PE bodyboard may well be just the thing.
This board is constructed using 2.5Lb per square foot PE core, 8Lb PE deck material and a Dupont Surlyn Slick.
The Style is an all round template designed to work in all conditions up to 6 feet. The more rounded template allows more maneuverability at slower speeds so move like spins become easier.
Having the correct flex and recoil in a board is so important. The ability to control the board in critical situations relay on the boards ability to flex when needed. The combination of the PE core, open cell deck, Surlyn slick and mesh/stringer combo added up to a great performing bit of kit.

2.5 PCF PE Core
8Lb PE Open Cell Deck
Dupont Surlyn Slick
Single Stringer
Graduated Channels
Crescent Tail
Nose & Tail Bumpers
Nose Bulbs For Grip

SIZES: 40/41/41.5/42 & 43

PRICE: £149.95 (Free Gyroll Bicep Leash)


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