MS Viper bodyboarding fins 2013

Mike stewart Viper swimfins

Mike Stewart MS Viper bodyboarding fins – Price £43.95 Free fin savers

MS Vipers are a shorter, wider designed fin that incorporates a delta tail, a design that I have found to be very effective at enhancing control yet minimizing drag and loss of speed. The sidewalls are more bevelled like a bodyboard but less vertical, which enhances control. They have over three square inches of drainage for the foot pocket, the most drainage of any fin on the market, which works great to eliminate any sand or pebbles. They have a “rivet gip” pattern on the bottom of the fins that is designed not to snag onto coral or sharp objects, and they float. They are similar to the original vipers material wise being made of natural rubber, one of my main considerations for this was ecological, Natural rubber is a lot more environmentally friendly. Shape wise; the similarity to Vipers is they are symmetrical and shaped out of pure function. But that’s where the similarities.

• Wider, shorter blade design for quick acceleration
• Bevelled sidewalls improve control while riding
• Delta tail design enhances control and minimises drag
• The most foot pocket drainage of any surf fin on the market works great to eliminate any sand and pebbles in your kick
• Rivet grip tread pattern to enhance grip while walking on slippery rocks, yet designed not to snag on coral or sharp objects
• Short enough for DK
• High visibility, high floating even in the roughest conditions


PRICE: £43.95 Free fin savers

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