Core Bodyboards UK arriving soon

core bodyboard

Core bodyboards arriving to the UK soon.

Core bodyboards are the latest brand to hit our shores with a range of great boards well suited to our waves. In the range are the Core 1 & 2 paradox core bodyboards, the Rob Barber RB signature board in both crescent and Bat tail and the Yeray Martinez. All boards come in at a great price with a percentage of the profits made going back into the sport of bodyboarding. Here is what Core have to say about their boards:

At the core of any bodyboarder is their experience, belief in their equipment, and love of the ocean. This is also the same recipe used in the creation of Core, the newest bodyboard company that’s founded upon these three values and have been combined to create quality bodyboards that can be used around the world.

Just like you, we understand that each rider’s needs differ. Therefore, after researching the entire bodyboarding market, we’ve acquired the best and newest state-of-the-art cores, slicks, and decks for meeting your riding requirements. Also, Core’s template shapes were built on years of experience and tested in waves around the world for optimal performance in both small wave contests and in the monster waves found on the front covers of bodyboarding’s most prestigious magazines. Riders trusting what they ride… this is Core.

Our bodyboard’s reinforcement insurance. Core uses fiberglass and carbon fiber stringer systems to enhance the quality and longevity of our entire 2013 line. Each of our board’s stringers are uniquely inlayed at the time of each core’s heated creation, therefore limiting the chances of unnecessary flex in all types of waves. This technology, along with our Carbon Fiber Solution and Trident Solution System , is combined to create the perfect balance in each board: All necessary ingredients for high performance riding in all ocean conditions