Most bodyboarders have a love hate relationship with winter bodyboarding here in Cornwall, UK.

On the plus side we have constant swell and so many options as to where to surf. Being on a peninsular, we have many beaches facing in all directions. Even on the devil straight west winds there are still options if the swell is big enough. Lack of crowds on the weekdays are always a bonus.

The negatives are the cold, freezing wetsuits that don’t dry properly and darkness before 5pm.

However, negatives can become positives. The motivation and sense of reward you get from braving the elements can be a real buzz, even if you are clad head to toe in rubber. If you know all the options and where to go on the right winds etc you can score.

Dave used his extensive knowledge of the cornwall coastline to find a couple of very rare bodyboarding spots yesterday. The light was dodgy and the rain kept pooring so the angles and the quality were not as good as he hoped.

Here are a couple of underground riders getting “involved”

Bodyboarding tube bodyboard

Ben Foreman finds a dredger

Bodyboarder heavy secret spot

Bodyboarder gets deep in Cornwall