Interchangeable stringer ISS from NMD & VS bodyboards

ISS stringers NMD VS bodyboards

Initially introduced by Rheopaipo and now refined and put into practice is the new ISS interchangeable stringer available exclusively to NMD & VS bodyboards.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview on this new technology and a long chat with master bodyboard shapers Nick Mesritz and Dan Sivess.

The story behind this new feature is the ability to change the flex of your board before your session. Conditions change day to day and session to session so thie ISS system allows you to tweak the board for the conditions. If its a bit more choppy put the softer stringer in, if its super clean or high summer just stick a slightly stiffer stringer in and off you go.

There are four different flex calibrated stringers available, each one varying in stiffness. For the UK and northern Europe boards will be supplied with the base mid flex stringer.

ISS stringers available are as follows:

Soft Flex - 20% FS / 80% Directional fibreglass

Mid Flex - 20% Carbon / 80% Fibreglass spiral

Stiff Flex - 60% Carbon / 40% Fibreglass spral

Carbon Fibre - 100% 3K Carbon fibre

The stringers fit into a snug fitting watertight tube and are held into place using a special key that screws into the end of the stringer creating a watertight seal


NMD ISS bodyboards 2015

We caught up with Nick Mesritz to get his view of the new ISS set up

The ISS® - Interchangeable Stringer System™
revolutionises bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine
tune the flex of their board to better suit the wave and water
conditions. Using patented 'load and lock' technology, ISS® stringers
are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS® range of
stringers utilise the latest in composite construction and
manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers
virtually the full spectrum of a riders flex requirement.

ISS® StiffFlex™ Carbon Fibre100% aerospace grade 3K Carbon Fibre
weave featuring DRC™ - Dynamic Recoil Calibrated Technology. DRC™
Technology positions the weave patterns to optimise the performance
characteristics of the Carbon Fibre, creating a lightweight stringer
with superior impact strength. Perfect for an Indo adventure or riders
that like a stiffer board for drawing classic lines.

ISS® StiffFlex+™The stiffest stringer in the ISS® range is
constructed from a DRC™ composite consisting of 60% Carbon
interwoven with 40% Fibreglass to create an innovative stringer flex
profile for outstanding torsional shaft stiffness. The 'go to'
stringer for the tropics and riders who like to surf on rail.

ISS® MidFlex™DRC™ inspired construction combines 20% Carbon with
80% Fibreglass spiral weave to deliver a stringer with exceptional
feel and a smooth flex action. The workhorse of the ISS® range, the
MidFlex™ stringer is designed to perform in mild water temps and is
an essential component of any serious ISS® quiver.

ISS® SoftFlex™The ISS® SoftFlex™ stringer incorporates a DRC™
lay-up of 20% Fibreglass spiral weave integrated with 80%
unidirectional Fibreglass strands to deliver a stringer with high
directional strength combined with a soft flex action. Designed for
cold climates and riders who like a more flexible board for deep

The boards will come in basically two different core configurations. The standard stiffer 1.9lb PCF Kinetic PP core or the slimmer ProRide core with parabolic base. The ProRide is a thinner board for those who love lots of speed and a bit more flex more suited to cooler water temperatures.

VS ISS bodyboards 2015