Bodyboard shaper Nick Mesritz & Dan Sivess UK visit

Saturday was a great day. I finally got to meet bodyboard legends, Nick Mesritz and wing man Dan Sivess. What a cool couple of guys.

Nick & Dan spent a couple of hours in the shop talking board design, then I joined them for a meal in the evening, for more bodyboarding related chit chat. Thanks Nick for the dinner :-) 

Bodyboard HQ have sold NMD here in the UK since day one, and consistantly have accounted for nearly half (sometimes more) of the UK sales of mid to top end NMD & VS boards. Add to this, all the Science & Pride boards sold here, also made in Nick & Dan's factory in Java then you can get an idea of the quality and popularity of these boards. These are the best brands, ridden by the best riders in the UK, Jack Johns, Alex Winkworth, Aaron Dinham, Eldred Hawke, Damian Prisk, Sam Brabyn, Bjorn Storey, to name but a few.

There are some cool innovations happening for 2015. Nick and Dan have been perfectng a revolutionary new stringer system. a new technique, which alters the flex for the conditions required. Looking at the way they have constructed this new system, and the way the stringer locks into the board, I think we may be looking at one of the most positive advancements in bodyboard technology in years.


2015 boards will also see the addition of a 6mm 1.9 lb pp layer under the deck for less creasing, but without losing that valuable flex/recoil that we are all looking for; this year's ProRide boards already feature this advancement in bodyboard design. There are also a few changes to the surlyn too, in order to help prevent slick creases.  As you are probably aware, trying to construct a board that flexes time and time again yet stays in good condition is a near impossible task. We believe that the changes being made to the latest boards will help keep that longevity.

Rest assured we will be looking to work with Nick & Dan on perfecting boards suitable for the surf we get here in the UK. It is our mission to help create the most suitable equipment for your budget and the conditions in which you surf.

Watch this space for the next generation of great boards from NMD & Versus VS, brought to you by Europe's biggest and longest established bodyboarding store.

Enjoy the ride!

Dave: Owner of Bodyboard HQ