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  • Supers bodyboarding fins arrive in UK

    After a long wait Supers bodyboarding swim fins have arrived in the UK. Supers fins come in a selection of colours and in two different foot pocket designs. The originals which are very similar to the Limited Edition fins and the new versions which are the same foot pocket as the Freedon / Stealth 3 design. 
    Both designs feature a soft foot pocket and a stiff blade that develop lots of power. All in all a very comfortable fin at a killer price.

    Small, Medium, Medium/Large & Large

    Steel / Black
    Black / Military Green
    Black / Orange
    Black / Burgundy
    Black / Ivy Green 


    Fins will appear in the online shop shortly. In the meantime give us a call to order

    BODYBOARD HQ - 01209 844806 


  • the best under £30 bodyboards from Bodyboard HQ

    We have been super busy here at Bodyboard HQ working on some great new product for 2015.

    Here we are introducing the new improved HQ Stinger bodyboard retailing at a mere £30. This years model is loaded with features that quite simply make this the best bodyboard you can buy under £40. In 2014 we sold over 400 stingers with no returns.

    This has board has been extensively tested by some of our team riders to test it's performance and strength. The feedback was that it was so easy to ride and it even worked in the tube too!


    • Strong EPS Core
    • Pro board template
    • Graduated channels
    • Nose grips on slick
    • Double rails
    • Improved durable slick bottom skin
    • 4 sizes
    • 6 colurs
    • leash

    All of the above for £29.95

    Red, Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Pink & Black

    SIZES: 36, 38, 40 & 42

    So if you are looking for  agreat board to start out on the HQ Stinger is just the job.

    Don't forget, we prefer to speak to our customers so feel free to call us for board sizing and other advice.


    The Seafront
    TR16 4NN
    01209 844806



  • 2015 Science Bodyboards now in store shop UK

    The new 2015 Mike Stewart Science bodyboards range are looking really good with some great new colour ways.
    The range is basically the same as the 2014 models but this year prices have come down! Yep, you heard correct. There are no models in the 2015 Science range over £200, which is great news.

    Anyone who knows about bodyboard design will know that Science boards are very well thought out and designed. Add to this they are made in Brodi, the best factory in the world run by master shapers Nick Mez Mesritz and Dan Sivess.

    Boards have arrived and as usual Bodyboardhas by far the biggest range, all hand selected for the very best quality, no twists, poor lamination or reverse rocker.

    By hand selecting we make sure you get the very best bodyboards available in the UK.

    Below  is a list of what has arrived, the sizes, colours and prices:


  • 2015 Hubboards bodyboards for sale in UK soon

    So this is what we have been waiting for here in the UK. The new 2015 Hubboards bodyboards range but with a difference. This range has been designed with Northern Europe and the UK in mind. Less of the full on PP cores and more of the new NRG quad cores.

    For a long time bodyboards have loved the Hubb template from BZ, especially with Jeff Huubards unique tail design. This is now available in the new Hubb Quad core NRG Plus, same template, same tail but with the spring and pop you need for our cooler waters.

    We are very excited to be lucky enough to have had some input into this great range and we hope you will like them too.

    Also watch this space for Hubboards with the new ISS interchangeable stringer system later in 2015.

    The range features diferent options from both PE and NRG plus cores. Included are the following:

    Hubb edition Micro PE at £109.95

    Hubb Edition PE Deluxe with Surlyn at £129.95
    Dubb edition PE Deluxe with Surlyn at £129.95

    Hubb Edition NRG+ at £169.95
    Dubb Edition NRG+ at £179.95

    Hubb Edition Quad Core NRG+ at 239.95

    Boards should be available from early summer. 
    Also coming are the great Air Hubb fins and Hubboard leashes too.


  • Interchangeable stringer ISS from NMD & VS bodyboards

    Initially introduced by Rheopaipo and now refined and put into practice is the new ISS interchangeable stringer available exclusively to NMD & VS bodyboards.

    We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview on this new technology and a long chat with master bodyboard shapers Nick Mesritz and Dan Sivess.

    The story behind this new feature is the ability to change the flex of your board before your session. Conditions change day to day and session to session so thie ISS system allows you to tweak the board for the conditions. If its a bit more choppy put the softer stringer in, if its super clean or high summer just stick a slightly stiffer stringer in and off you go.

    There are four different flex calibrated stringers available, each one varying in stiffness. For the UK and northern Europe boards will be supplied with the base mid flex stringer.

    ISS stringers available are as follows:

    Soft Flex - 20% FS / 80% Directional fibreglass

    Mid Flex - 20% Carbon / 80% Fibreglass spiral

    Stiff Flex - 60% Carbon / 40% Fibreglass spral

    Carbon Fibre - 100% 3K Carbon fibre

    The stringers fit into a snug fitting watertight tube and are held into place using a special key that screws into the end of the stringer creating a watertight seal



  • Bodyboard shaper Nick Mesritz & Dan Sivess UK visit

    Saturday was a great day. I finally got to meet bodyboard legends, Nick Mesritz and wing man Dan Sivess. What a cool couple of guys.

    Nick & Dan spent a couple of hours in the shop talking board design, then I joined them for a meal in the evening, for more bodyboarding related chit chat. Thanks Nick for the dinner :-) 

    Bodyboard HQ have sold NMD here in the UK since day one, and consistantly have accounted for nearly half (sometimes more) of the UK sales of mid to top end NMD & VS boards. Add to this, all the Science & Pride boards sold here, also made in Nick & Dan's factory in Java then you can get an idea of the quality and popularity of these boards. These are the best brands, ridden by the best riders in the UK, Jack Johns, Alex Winkworth, Aaron Dinham, Eldred Hawke, Damian Prisk, Sam Brabyn, Bjorn Storey, to name but a few.

    There are some cool innovations happening for 2015. Nick and Dan have been perfectng a revolutionary new stringer system. a new technique, which alters the flex for the conditions required. Looking at the way they have constructed this new system, and the way the stringer locks into the board, I think we may be looking at one of the most positive advancements in bodyboard technology in years.



  • 2014 British Nationals Bodyboarding contest Porthtowan

    Bodyboard HQ are proud to be involved in this years Britsh Nationals bodyboarding championships 2014 to be held at Porthtowan on the 6th & 7th of September.

    This years event has divisions for the Under 14, under 16, Under 18, Open, Seniors (Over 28) masters (over 35, Ladies open and Drop knee.

    Check in is at 8.30 AM at the Blue bar.

    This looks like it will be a great event with a total of £2750 worth of prize money up for grabs. Lets hope that the weather and the swell cooperate.

    So come and see the best bodyboarders in the UK do their stuff.


  • Salt Creek Palmboards for Body surfing UK

    Salt Creek hand planes

    The new salt creek Palmboards are the latest bit of kit for bodysurfing to hit the UK shores. it is amazing. you will not believe how many radical waves you will get.