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Why bodyboarding rather than stand up? At Bodyboard HQ, we see it like this. Surfing is great but bodyboarding is pure unadulterated fun. Bodyboarders can do more moves in any type of wave, we guess that's why spongers always wear a smile in the water!

We set up Bodyboard HQ because we were sick of seeing people being ripped off, being sold second rate products, dud boards shaped like bananas and gimmicks that don't work. Worst of all was having shops trying to sell us boards when they knew nothing about bodyboarding and quite frankly didn't care whether our equipment worked or not.

BODYBOARD HQ decided to change that. Backed by 28 years of experience, our kit is the very best you will find for the price. All hand picked to avoid faults due to mass production. We only sell cream of the crop here but not at a premium. We are performance biased not brand biased & only sell what works.

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We cater for everyone from beginner to expert - With Boards & Wetsuits starting from £30. Offering the very best and widest choice available. If it's not here then it's not worth having. If it's out of stock - We will do our best to get it! Our package deals are simply the best value in the Europe. To find out more about equipment go to BUYING ADVICE.

We love bodyboarding and nothing makes us happier than seeing someone sharing the same buzz. So as you see it's not all about money. It's about offering the best kit, advice and service available.

TEL: 01209 844806 (44 1209 844806)


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