Elite Deluxe Bicep Leash

by Elite Bodyboards

We took a look at some of the most popular leashes on the market in order to see the pros and cons of each. The problem we found with the bigger coiled leashes is that they tend to use a more plastic feeling coil which often have a weak spot where the coil meets the swivel. The other problem we found was that most medium size coils tend to over stretch under duress. 

We took the original tight coil leash and removed 3 coils so the leash was not too long. Swivels are important so we included one at each end, one of which connects to a heavy duty metal loop. This loops helps the leash to have maximum movement so far less tangle and more freedom to paddle. Most metal loops will be held onto the leash strap by a string or a thin piece of webbing strap. By attaching directly to the strap webbing we get a far stronger fixing.

All in all we are so pleased with the results. A strong, lightweight and comfortable leash at a great price.

Shorter tight coil for less over stretching
Double swivels
Rotator loop
Neopren padded cuff 
Super strong Velcro 


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